Friday, May 31, 2013

Stool of the Pink Persuasion

If you've been reading about my little happenings for awhile you might remember this sweet red stool.

I now have another one.
Not because I needed it, but because I wanted it. It was so, so cheap and hello, it's pink and full of retro wonder!
As you can see, it's almost identical to the red stool, lacking only the back (and the shiny legs).

My mom and I were at a Goodwill Outlet (if you've never been to one, well, there is NO organization and price is by the pound. It's a bit insane. Google it.) and she spotted the piece, snatched it out of the bin, and came rolling over to me with it perched across the top of the cart.
You'd have to ask my mom but I probably had a look of delight mixed with horror.

You see chick-a-dees, you know that I've done A LOT of thifting in my short time on this earth. Dirty items are just part of the territory.
Hands wash.
Dawn and soft scrub can conquer just about anything.
Hot water works wonders.
However, this piece. It was a bit rough. Even for me. Rusty rust, paint, and covered in spider egg sacs. (I did not take a close up of this because I would not want you to ruin your keyboard with vomit.)
But, like I said, you buy stuff by the pound at Goodwill Outlets and at $.59/lb the stool was looking really, really affordable even in its "rustic" condition.

I put the stool in my vehicle in its grimy state but there was no way it was coming into my home like that. Fortunately, Keith's dad was home and let us come over and use his hose.

This was my first time using Goof Off. Ah-mazing! Keith's dad produced it from the bowels of his garage and it was  just what we needed to get the paint smears off.

Is it perfect? No, no it's not, but it's improved enough that it is allowed inside.
Now I just have to figure out where to put a second stool I never intended to buy.


  1. i've never seen a pink one!!! adorable! i have never used Goof Off - I think I need some!

    1. I think a can needs to be added to my cleaning cupboard too. It got so much paint off in just a few seconds