Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I am older

On Monday I officially added another year to the tally.

The older I get the less hoopla there is with each birthday. (I think this is standard and I'm totally ok with that) This year was kinda different though. For the ease of everyone's schedules, Keith and I decided to combine our birthdays and have one small party w the fam on May 5. Him celebrating late while I celebrated early.
Sounds good, right?
Just get the obligatory cake out of the way.
However, what's funny is that by doing it like this it has actually stretched our birthdays out.

For the past several weeks people have randomly handed me gifts.
And I like it.
I like it a lot.

Because a good portion of those gifts have been PYREX! Note all the stars!

The people in my life are so good too me!

The bottom, blue and white round casserole dish is actually a Glasbake piece that I gifted to myself. I love that Pyrex makes solid color pieces but Fire King and Glasbake sure have some awesome patterns.
Speaking of patterns, UNawesome is Old Orchard and Forest Fancies by Pyrex. Yuck! I really hate those two. There is nothing as disappointing as looking at a stack of dishes at the thrift store, seeing the cinderella bowl shape, pulling the bowl from the heap and realizing it is the nasty, speckled mushrooms. Rage.
Glasbake did mushes much better, in my humble opinion....

Cute and adorable mushroom print by Glasbake
from Sentimental Favorites
As I was accumulating all these wonderful gifts, arranging and re-arranging them, it came to my attention that I might have out-grown my cabinet. And that I might have to re-imagine a couple spaces around to apartment so as to nonchalantly include a bowl or two in the living room. This thought lead me think that I might do have the most awesome husband in the world.
I wrote him a note.
He got a kick out of it.



  1. Happy birthday to you both! Nice gifts indeed. I especially love the light blue with stars large casserole dish. Nice that you have the lid too. I have the same one in an unfamiliar pink swirl pattern.

    I heard a crash in our kitchen the other day and, while I felt like running, I calmly walked in to see what had broken. One of my small square red Pyrex pieces, including the lid, had bitten the dust.

    I said it was ok, because I do want Nick to use it freely, so I don't feel guilty collecting it, but ack, I may have shed a small tear in private.

  2. That is growing to be quite the collection!! It looks good in the cabinet too. Get a bigger cabinet!!

  3. Hmmm, Forest Fancies seems reasonably sane. You didn't eat the mushrooms, did you?

  4. Happy belated birthday Shakti ^.^ Im glad you got to add so many new pyrex pieces to your collection. >>hugs<<

  5. Hahaha. I love the note about the Pyrex. Happy belated Birthday, once again!