Tuesday, April 9, 2013

hello again

I'm back! All home again, home again, jiggety-jogged.
Can I whine for a minute and say that already I am ready for another. My entire Monday was spent at school making up tests and homework. Oiy. the whole day had a certain high school feel to it. *gag*

Anyways, just so you have a heads up, you can count on at least two (possibly four) vaca related posts once I have sorted through all the pretty pics. Until then, I will leave you with an awesome amount of [new] reading material. (Blogs, of course!)

Sweet Dawn has compiled a list of "local" Indiana bloggers. You should definitely check them out. So many awesome ladies writing about a bit of everything. It seriously makes me want to have a group meet-up. (Dawn, you and Zoe want to exercise your party planning expertise? *hint, hint*)

PS - I love bloggers :)

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