Wednesday, April 10, 2013

geeking over fuzzy green

Per request of my sister Jenna, on the way down to Florida we stopped at Mammoth Cave, Kentucky for a few nights of camping. AKA freezing. Seeing as spring hadn't crept that far north yet, we had a chilly few nights. Fortunately, my mom has trained us well and we all had piles of blankets we could whip out and snuggle under.
I must say though, that a perk of camping when it's still chilly is that there aren't very many other people. This is good for obvious reasons but also because the scant little brambles that divide the sites and act as little privacy walls are barren and there are fewer people peering in.  Camping always makes me feel like I'm living on display. It also makes me feel like I am living in my most primitive, disgusting, un-groomed state. I count on those little bramble barriers as a way to hide while wallowing in my grunge. It makes me feel vulnerable when they are not there. I LIKE those bramble walls.  Not that anyone is even peering in. This is all in my head. Who cares how gross other people are when they camp - aren't we all in the same state?

moving on...

Because the trees were still devoid of leave I became a bit fixated on the green that was there: the mosses. And there was so much of it! Beautiful and thick, looking like a pillow on the rocks. There were also some pretty snazzy lichens and such.
Please join me in geeking out over this photo dump :D

I'm not the only one with a moss obsession, right? You have one too, right? Right?


  1. Yes, I love is green:

  2. I must say, I don't think I've ever looked that closely at moss. Your pictures make me want to go hunt some out. :) My fave is the 4th one. The moss has little mossy flags! haha ^.^

    1. Those mossy flags are upside down, eh?