Friday, April 26, 2013

DIY: Leather Tassel (meet Vintage Coach Purse)

Finding the perfect purse is a bit of a quest, yeah?
It has to be the right size with just enough pockets. Match your personality but be neutral enough that you don't have to change it with every outfit.... blah, blah, blah, the list of requirements goes on.
To add to my requirements, I'm a serious leather lover. Those cheap, (although they are cute!) faux leather bags just don't get me going. Mostly because they feel sorta sticky but also because they fall apart very quickly.
So when I came across this vintage, navy blue Coach purse while thrifting I was thrilled. It's kinda roomy, yo! Plus it has such beautiful, structural lines and they are QUALITY purses! My only problem is that it is a *tad* bland. No worries though. "Bland" pretty much kicks my brain into DIY overdrive.
Once I started brainstorming bland-busting DIY ideas a light bulb when on and I knew that it was the perfect reason to make some awesome leather tassels. (Loulou, I know yours are a bit different but that tutorial you shared ignited a desire in me!)

SUPPLIES: leather (I used a salvages scrap), rotary cutter and mat OR scissors, ruler, key ring, glue, AND a writing utensil (optional).

STEP 1 - Trim you leather so it is as long as you want you tassel and as thick as you want it to be. I trimmed  mine to be a 6 inch square (roughly). Also, cut a 1/2 inch strip and set it aside.
STEP 2 - Start cutting your tassels! Take care not to cut all the way through like I almost did - we don't want dismembered strips! If you are using a rotary cutter you probably won't need to draw lines on the leather, but if you are using scissor you might want to make faint lines using a pencil.

STEP 3 - Taking the strip you set aside earlier, loop it through the keyring and glue together at the desired length. Trim the extra off and set it aside.

STEP 4 -Spread a line of glue along the uncut spine of the leather. Stick the keyring loop on the end and the start rolling the leather so that the keyring is in the center. Roll tightly, pressing firmly as you go!
STEP 5 - Once again, pick up that set-aside strip. Wrap it around the top of the tassel for size and trim off any extra. Now apply glue and press firmly as you wrap it around the tassel. You may need to pinch it in place for a few seconds to make sure the glue holds. Once it is completely dry your tassel is set to be displayed!

I am definitely loving my two tassels. Probably more than I should admit too. They make this purse feel so snazzy and fresh! Not to mention that they keep my fingers happy when I'm standing in line ;)


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  1. lol... diy overdrive... that made me laugh! I need to do some diy soon.