Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The big weave

Has it been mentioned that my husband is awesome? He truly an amazing person and I'm so blessed that he is mine. On top of all his amazingness, he puts up with supports all my projects.

The reason I tell you all this is because I have gone off the deep end and have taken on the biggest DIY of my life: I am making a rug. After reading this post by Rachel, I got all inspired and dove right in. Now there is a giant 6' x 6' frame in the middle of the living room and there is no turning back.

This project is going to take much more fabric than I anticipated. (Not sad about that! The scrap basket is stuffed to overflowing and I now anticipate that it will be emptied.)  The warp alone, which is the blue strips, is made from an entire fitted sheet set. I thought the flat sheet would be enough but that only got half through the frame so I busted out and shredded the fitted sheet as well.

Even when its torn into shreds you can see how discolored and blotchy the sheets were. Three cheers for repurposing! They definitely weren't getting used on the bed much looking like that.

Though I was inspired by Rachel's rug, I am using a slightly different method of weaving. If you are so interested, below is the video that taught me just about everything I know.

Any guesses on how long this will take? Keith gave a nervous little laugh when he saw how slow I am at weaving but then he smiled and said it would be really cool when it was done.
See why I love that man? He already thinks it's awesome and it's just a sea of blue strips.

Check back every so often for progress reports!
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  1. You two are so cute together! Good for you for weaving a rug. I look forward to hearing about your progress.

  2. Looks like fun:) When you finish yours you can make one for us:)

  3. Cool rug, looks great. When you finish this one you can start on the one for us:)

  4. oooooh I've always wanted to try weaving! My boyfriend works in the art department of a museum set design company (lucky dog!), and I constantly make him build things for me. He might flip over this in the living room though! I've been working on a latch hook rug for EVER! Maybe I'll finish it when I'm old and gray. Good luck with the rug!


  5. Wow! I commend you for taking up such a huge project! I started a rug once but never finished :( Good luck on yours! :)


  6. Just found your link in the comments of a pin on pinterest. I'll have to check out the you tube and also the other link (listed in your finished rug post). Rugs are SO EXPENSIVE. I'm seriously thinking about starting on of these this winter. Love your "loom". So basically your man made you a big humongous potholder loom (kind of)?

    I can't wait to read more about how you did this. It really is incredible and such a work of art. I also love that it is made with repurposed materials. There are endless amounts of those at thrift stores, garage sales (my linen closet LOL). I am now kicking myself for all of the sheets I have donated in the last year.

    You are very talented. Excellent!

    1. Thank you! making a rug this size was a massive labor of love.
      You are correct! It is just like a giant pot holder loom.

    2. Yes, exactly. Oddly enough it's VERY hard to get a pot holder loom in the UK.

  7. Thanks so much for this tutorial. It's the best one so far I have seen when it comes to making a larger rag rug in a traditional style -- your "loom" needs to be as big as your finished rug.

  8. Hello! Wonderful rug!! Care to share the plans for the loom?