Monday, March 11, 2013

My Cabinet o' Colorful Pyrex

Alright, so in my last post I gave you a peek into the dining room, and today I am going to zone in on my favorite element of said dining room... the Pyrex cabinet! One of the best Christmas presents ever :)

My mom was actually the first to find it. She had popped into Goodwill, saw it, and immediately knew I'd like it. I wasn't with her at the time of sighting but she told me about it. I, of course, then proceeded to make my way over to Goodwill to scope out this beauty. As soon as I was in the furniture section I saw it. My mom was right. It was love at first sight.
I pretty much ran to it. It was tall (and blonde! hehe), in impeccable condition, and EXPENSIVE. After pacing around it and sliding open the doors for multiple minutes I came back down to earth and realized that even if I had that much spare dough (which I definitely didn't) the chronic thrifter in me would NEVER let me pay that much. I sadly left it, knowing it would be gone the next time I popped into Goodwill but telling myself that it would make someone else very happy. But it wasn't gone the next time I went to Goodwill, or the next, or the next. Apparently everyone thought it was too expensive. Then something awesome happened! It was marked down a bit! Not enough for it to be affordable to me, but a bit. This had two effects: First, it made me hope that there would be another markdown. Second, it stressed me out because it was now in the price range of more people! At this point I hunted down an employee to ask how long it would be before its tag color was half off. His reply made me queasy. A couple weeks.
All this, my cabinet stalking, the price drop, the half off week, was reported to my parents one night when we were out there for dinner. I lamented that my would-be-perfect-for-Pyrex-cabinet was just sitting there teasing me, too expensive.

Apparently, my parentals felt sorry for me (and knew that the cabinet was meant to live in my home) because I'm pretty sure they skittered out to get it on the day before Christmas. Which is totally a testament of my mom's love for me because she is a crowd hater!
And this is where the [stressful] story turns fun! Because it's way too big to wrap and, who are we kidding, they didn't want to move it more than necessary, it was left in the van. I was presented with a polka dot with a clue on it and the hunt began. In and out of the house we all tromped until I found it :D

Also, the employee must have looked at the schedule incorrectly because they got the cabinet for half off! Happy dance!

So that is how it came to be mine. I'm still collecting and tweaking the display but it seems to be coming together nicely.

If you were wondering, the top portion has sliding glass doors but I popped those out because I was getting wicked glare in all the pictures.



  1. It's a great cabinet and your Pyrex collection is perfect in it. I also love the story and the cute way your parents presented it to you!

    I have a similar mid-century cabinet that Nick bought me for my birthday when we first met. I love it too. But notice yours has 3 shelves for displaying behind the glass doors and mine only has 2. 3 are better for all the pretty things one can display behind glass.

  2. The cabinet is cute! Love the story. The octopus is amazing, don't let your other Aunt see it she will desire to own it:) You should make grandma aware of your pyrex fetish. I think she has a large yellow bowl from a gazillian years ago that she could put your name on the bottom of......just a thought....AA
    As you can see I liked the title you gave me in one of your posts so I have adopted the acronym....AA

    1. The octopus is sweet, isn't it. It's actually from Peir 1's Christmas ornament selection. I must have looked quite smitten with it because Keith went back and got it for me :)

  3. Give me those metal cups. now. I have wanted a set ever since 8th grade when I saw a set at treasure mart, but in 8th grade twenty dollars is a lot of money for a set of cups... so give me yours. now. :D

  4. I am completely obsessed with old school vintagey Pyrex. And octopuses (octopi?). I think we are going to be friends :)

    <3 Your brand new follower!

  5. PS... Wanna do a button swap-a-roo? :)