Sunday, March 3, 2013

Current Life

Enjoying - - The fact that days are getting LONGER! Also enjoying cozy blankets because it is chilly in this joint despite the extended light. brrr.

Listening to - - Holding On To You by Twenty One Pilots. Not my usual groove but I quite like it and several other songs by these guys. I can't bring myself to watch the official music video, though. I have found that to be a perfectly good way to ruin a song for myself. I like projecting my own meaning and mental pictures on a song.

Excited  - - because Odwalla juices were buy one get one free at Krogers today. Then when we scanned our Plus card at the self check out a $1.50 coupon popped out for... yep, that's right. The very Odwallas we'd just picked up. It was cause enough for a happy jig!

Wishing - - that the camera bag and remote I ordered would hurry up and come to their mama. I just want to be able to lug my snazzy new baby around without worrying about it. *sigh*

Dreading - - the accelerated chemistry class that I pick up on Tuesday. Although, it has no text book so there is potential to be interesting ;)

Wanting to Read - God's Armor Bearer by Terry Nance. I started reading this several years ago but didn't get it finished before it had to be returned.

I hope you've been having a wonderful weekend so far. Yesterday was kinda dreamy for us. Keith didn't have to work yesterday so we started our Saturday off properly with coffee and a cross-word puzzle in bed. We ended it by watching some Top Gear, AFV and Bob Ross painting. In between was a whole lot of idyllic normal.
Today, if all goes as planned, we will be doing laundry (yuck) and seeing that adorable black puppy (yah!).

Make good choices! 


  1. Sounds like yesterday was a really good day. Enjoy your visit with Kiki today. She must be so mch fun to hang out with!

  2. We love Top Gear!!!!! They crack me up!

  3. accelerated chemistry sans text book sounds like craziness... good luck with that :)

    And I wrote a poem inspired by the twenty one pilots song you shared with me ^.^ yay!

    Happy sunday!

  4. Your taking a chemistry class?! and most people never read their chemistry books so it is just as well :)

  5. Aaron and I have been listening to Twenty One Pilots, too! I really like the song, and the fact that they use the word "kaleidoscope." It reminds me of a poem a friend from community college wrote long ago, and the line, "He kicks at the leaves on the ground, and they kaleidoscope into the air..."