Saturday, March 23, 2013

5 Fun Things (that make me swoon) - p.R

 ~ ~ ~ 1 ~ ~ ~
sweet, sweet kitties.

~ ~ ~ 2 ~ ~ ~
Can we all agree that this much pink is actually stunning? 

~ ~ ~ 3 ~ ~ ~
I like this stool. It's a nice stool. 

~ ~ ~ 4 ~ ~ ~   
Art with limey green:
Leah Duncan 

~ ~ ~ 5 ~ ~ ~
How cute are these silly little sheep!

There you have it, chick-a-dees. The things I've been interweb ogling the past few days. 


  1. Those are cool sheep! I like how crocheted items are becoming popular. My grandma actually crochets a lot (well, she does it in spurts), and she tried to teach me. It was one thing I never could pick up (or wanted to at the time, I guess). The geometric stool is amazing! I think chevron helped usher in the geometry trend. And, finally ... Leah Duncan! I love Leah Duncan! I first saw some of her things at a vintage store here in Indianapolis and I fell in love with all her bright, nature-themed patterns.

  2. Can we all agree that those cat cookies are stunning?!! Must have some. All good finds.

    Have a good weekend, my friend.

  3. Love the kitties and the sheep. Not sure that much pink is stunning in the way I am sure you mean:)