Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the usual

Life's not always glitter and awesome vintage. In fact, most of the time, it's not.
It's errands and taxes and classes I don't really want to take.
It's determining how much gas to put in the tank by how long I can stand the cold.
It's scrubbing toothpaste out of the sink and trying to conquer the dishes.
It's hearing the neighbor's TV through the wall 22/7. (Deaf man next door)

Sometimes, it's forcing myself to see the ordinary blessings.

I felt really guilty that I didn't have anything to post yesterday. That I didn't take a single self-portrait the entire week. That I didn't have a nifty DIY to share. That I was generally ordinary. Kinda dumb, right? There is lots of life outside of Blog. Not everything has to be pretty, right? Sometimes I forget that it's really OK to let this slip for a couple days. I'm doing this for fun. Because I enjoy it. Obligated fun isn't really fun, is it?
And then I also had this weird guilt because I had a super fun church event Friday night that was totally blog-able but I didn't.
So then I was feel all confused and conflicted.



  1. haha I love that first line. Life is definitely not always like that. I used to post regularly and I loved it but then when I didn't have time or didn't feel inspired I would feel guilty. Now I blog when I find time and when I have something I really want to blog about and although it's sporadic, I enjoy it much more.

    (cute shower curtain)

  2. Yeah, me too........

    The bathroom is an ordinary place, perhaps you would like to see some of the facilities available in Beijing. It is always a surprise:)

  3. I want to remind you that you are one of the most extraordinary people I know. And I don't just say that because you are my big sister. I truly believe it with all my heart, it just so happens that you are also my sister and for that I feel truly blessed.

    I would also like to say that no bathroom is never that tidy, you primped it up for that picture! :P

    love you!

    1. I am offended! our bathroom is that tidy! But only because you can't see the sink, where the explosion of hair care products and bobby pins rest on the counter. And because Keith's subscription to Game Informer expired so those aren't all over the floor. ;)

  4. Ugh... I totally understand. I've been feeling like this too... guilty when I don't post what I'm "suppose to" post.

    Here's to writing the blogs we want to read & not feeling guilty when we step out of the blogosphere back into regular life.

  5. I completely agree doll! Life is not all trips and events and shopping and fabulousness! Sometimes it is just running errands or babysitting or grinding away hours on end on campus writing papers. Thankfully with my Jason anything and everything is an adventure and fun!


  6. What are you talking about? My life is ALWAYS about GLITTER AND VINTAGE! ;) No, everyone has mundane, daily things. That's what life IS. I think people in the blogging community are starting to realize that "staging" things is a common idea, and that it doesn't portray the person as they actually are. People want to see daily, mundane things. Or hear about them. Or, at the very least, know they exist. EVERYONE is NORMAL. Everyone has to go grocery shopping, or take their car to the shop. And, most certainly, everyone has to do taxes. :) Bleh. There is no need to feel like you have to post every day and, if you do, that it has to be about one thing or another. Do not feel guilty. Just post what matters to you. What makes you happy, what you are comfortable with.