Friday, February 22, 2013

Shout out to my sister!

Today is her birthday! Send the awesome Miss Kali Quail lots of good thoughts :D


  1. Happy birthday Kali! Yay for February babies!! My birthday is the 24th ^.^ Yaaaaaaay!! (dances around like excited Kermit de Frog)

    [[This might sound weird, but do you and your sisters all have spiritual first names? I'm a nerd that notices things...]]

    1. Not weird at all! We get asked about our names all the time. Just Kali and I have Hindu names. BUT we all have birds for our middle names....
      Shakti Dove
      Kali Quail
      Isannah Teal
      Jenna Wren

    2. Aha :) I love when parents give their children names that go together. And Isannah is a really pretty name- i've never heard it before.

  2. Thank you big sister! I had a wonderful birthday! I wish you were here! Thanks for the package!