Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pink Moons

Let's talk about nail art for a second, shall we? Does any one else see those snazzy fingertips on Pinterest and think "I would totally do that - if it didn't take 12 layers of paint and tape" Seriously? How long is the dry time for some of those patterns?  I just can't keep my fingers still that long. I do, however, tough out tape and the wait for french manicures. Those are just so pretty ;)
But anyways, all that to say... the half moon nails can totally be accomplished without tape. I have have done it. You can too.

Just paint your nails as normal, let them thoroughly dry (blow, blow, blow!), then carefully swipe a crescent of paint above your cuticle and dump the glitter on. Once you've brushed the excess off, seal it with a clear coat.
Now, I know your thinking, "Geez, woman. For someone who whines about dry time you sure have a lot of polishes." Well, you are right. But I can justify it. You see, the grey and blue are super sheer and even when layered, they dry quickly.
Not so bad, right?


  1. hey! I'm currently wearing that grey polish ^.^

    1. Heck yeah! Because it's awesome!
      I really like the Pure Ice polishes. They are cheap and stay put :)

  2. This is a pretty good idea! And easy enough to do.

  3. I'm a chronic nail biter (always have been, even though I would love to stop), so I don't ever paint my nails. I was probably nine or ten when I did the last time. I will paint my toes, though. :) Anyway, this is really pretty! I do have some Pure ICE polishes myself. They don't take FIVE coats or whatever.