Friday, February 1, 2013


Yesterday, I spent a bit of time patching a crazy quilt I made a few years ago. It's made of scraps and lots of vintage shirt fabric that was left over from repurposing them into other projects. I made the quilt with the intention of having it on the couch and since people tend to crash on our couch pretty frequently it's seen its fair share of the washer. I suppose I should have known better than to include so many thinning, vintage fabrics but really, it couldn't be helped. I'm such a sucker for pretty plaids. 

But, really, I didn't mind the patching. Sewing is so relaxing and it gave me a chance to stick my headphones in and finish listening to Mockingjay. It probably doesn't help that since I listened to both Catching Fire and Mockingjay on audio book I was able to totally immerse myself in the head of Katniss but let me tell you -  it is sad to finish a good book but finishing a series is downright distressing.
Can you recommend any good Hunger Games fan fiction? haha


  1. Love this quilt. And I know what you mean about the hunger games series. I have had the second book for over a month and am afraid to start it, because then there will be that much less to look forward to!

    1. I know what your mean. Sometimes it's easier to just let the story wander endlessly in my head than read it and have it end