Thursday, February 28, 2013

Magic in the Bullet: Raspberry Blessedness

Chick-a-dees, I think smoothies are pretty great. Like, awesome. Let me tell you, it's probably a good thing this city doesn't have a Jamba Juice because I would be so broke. mmm, mmm, good!
Now, let me also tell you that I tend to throw a tasty concoction together and then fixate on it for a week or two before switching to a different smoothie. This is this week's blend. I call it Raspberry Blessedness and to make it you need a Magic Bullet (or a boring, regular blender) and the following ingredients:

Raspberry Blessedness Smoothie
- 6-8 oz (approx) Vanilla Almond Milk
- 5ish oz raspberries - I used flash frozen
- Drizzle of honey
- Spoonful of coconut oil

Put everything in the cup, screw on the blade attachment and push it onto the base. Blend for at least 30 seconds to make sure the coconut oil is thoroughly mixed.

PS * I never measure my ingredients. I just dump them in the cup. I did this for your benefit (yes, you)!
PSS * I put the bullet on a silicone hot pad to dampen the raucous a bit. 
PSSS * the above ingredient proportions make a sip-able smoothie. Meaning, it doesn't rain down on your face in great blobs when you tip the cup up. I know I'm not the only one this has happened to ;)

SERVE WITH - a totally unhealthy muffin :D 


  1. I think I want to get into smoothies... I need to eat/drink more healthy things.

    Yesterday, I ate peanut butter cookies, apple slices, orange, lemonade, panda express chow mein... I'm sure this isn't a good diet. :(

    You should post smoothies just so I can try them ^.^

  2. mmm that sounds really good! I'll be trying this.

  3. Muffins are awesome.
    I have a blender but I rarely use it. I need to get on the smoothie train.