Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love is in the Air


  1. I had to watch this at work without any sound on. :) The girl's facial expressions reminded me a lot of Ariel's. PAPER AIRPLANE FAIL. Hahahah. I love that that one mother removed her child from ANGRY PAPER PLANE MAN. I really liked this.

    Do you guys have any special Valentine's Day plans? Last year, when we were living in separate states, we sent each other packages. We then opened them together over Skype. :)

    1. Skype is such an awesome thing for long distance relationships! I have also heard great things about google hangout but I haven't tried it yet.
      Anyways, we are going to journey to Indy to celebrate v-day, but it won't be till the weekend. I am quite looking forward to it.

  2. OKAY! This has to be one of my mostest-favoritest Disney shorts EVER! *swoon*

  3. I got really into this video for some reason haha. Thanks to those magical paper airplanes, they found each other. I was starting to hold my breath for a minute. I loved the animation, very cute. She does remind me of Ariel's facial expressions.