Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fixing the stupid, fraying towel

Sometimes I make things because it is just better than buying them.  Sometimes I make something to see if it can be done. And sometimes I make things because I am cheap.
This little endeavor is a bit of all 3.

You see, right after we got married one of our BRAND NEW towels immediately started to frayed and unravel on the side. I attempted to fix it but after a few more washes my hasty stitch job popped apart. At this point it was banished to the bottom of the towel pile, only to be used when all the others were dirty (which is more often than I care to admit).
Now, fast forward 2+ years and picture me careening, stark naked, out of the shower and across the bathroom as my toe is tangled in the massive fray-ness that is looping off the side of said towel. The towel was every where and I couldn't get out of it. It was scary. My life probably should have flashed before my eyes, but all I could think about was, "If I bash my head and die I will be naked when they find me."
Now, I know there are worse things than dying naked in your own bathroom but, well, it's just not how I want to go.
At this point I decided to fix the towel. Again. Properly.

After rummaging around in my tub(s) of fabric, I busted out some plaid flannel. It was then cut it into strips, ironed and sewed it into place as edging.

 NOTE: Since I worked on it yesterday, I haven't yet given it the test to see if it makes it, unscathed, through the washer and dryer.  But the way I figure is this - that towel was bound for the rag bag before. If my flannel edging holds up, great! There is now some funky flair hanging draped over my towel rack.

Lesson of this post: flannel is soft.
Use it on your towels.


  1. I'm glad you didn't bash you head in :) and I'm sure your binding will survive the wash.

  2. I couldn't stop laughing while I read this

  3. Oh my gosh this hilarious. and RAD! I love this idea, but my fiance is a germophobe so he throws away towels like a mad man. He would never let this happen. Ever. Can you tell I find it a bit annoying? ha!
    Nicely done!

  4. Ha. Ha. Ha. I would have just used it as a rag or tired to return the darn thing if possible. But it would have definity became a rag. What you have done is great though. <3

  5. Great solution. The girl behind this link used to babysit your cousin:) She is very creative, I think by now at least a Junior in college if not a senior. You might like to look at her stuff. We have some of her original T-shirts she did while still in HS and a babysitter!!