Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY Leather Arrow Necklace

Leather is something I enjoy working with. I also enjoy making necklaces. Put them together, and I am a basking in enjoyment.

SUPPLIES: Leather in multiple colors, leather punch, chain, jump rings, clasp, jewelry pliers, (flexible fabric glue). 

STEP 1 - Cut the leather into strips (mine longest is about 1.5 x 3 inches). Trim the end of the strip into the V shape.
OPTIONAL - Using flexible fabric glue, tack the layers of leather together.

STEP 2 - Using the leather punch (available at craft stores) and your impressive hand muscles, punch a hole in each corner. These don't need to be big holes.

STEP 3 - Floss the chain through. If you want the chain to be visible on top of the leather, go back to front. If you don't want to see the chain, go front to back.

STEP 4 - Use a jump ring or clasp to close the chain.
STEP 5 - Marvel that it took less than 30 minutes :D

Confession - I actually think that this necklace reminds me more of a medieval banner than an arrow, but because spelling "medieval" correctly is seriously challenging, I call it arrow. ;)


  1. One of my least favorite words to spell. I like the necklace! Personally, I think you selected some excellent colors of leather. I've made a few necklaces myself, but I've never done anything with leather. Maybe that's something I should try. Do you have any other plans for leather, since you like working with various fabrics and textiles?

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like :)
      In answer to your question - yes, I do have some plans for more leather necklaces. They will all be simple though, because the punch is the only leather working tool I have.

  2. GIrls got skills! I love this necklace and it so does look like a medieval banner but I think that's cool! I'm so glad to have found you via Twitter! You have a very beautiful blog.