Tuesday, January 15, 2013

worth noting

A bit of interesting eye candy.

In an effort to put my fabrics and scraps to good use I've been dabbling around in a bit of fiber art. I haven't made anything worth sharing yet but hopefully soon!

Now for a bit of news about the other side of my brain - I wrote a (teensy-tiny) javascript program!! It is just a homework assignment and it's certainly not fancy but still, it is such a massive accomplishment for me. Anything heavier than html/css and the whole time I'm coding i can practically feel my brain creaking and groaning. (Sometimes those creaks spill out of my eyes in the form of wet frustration.)  But anyways, it is done and the crazy happy dance has been performed and I am feeling soooo satisfied and accomplished.

Oh, did I mention that the particular assignment I'm referring to isn't due for 2 weeks!
 Please, someone, award me a gold star.

So, umm, does anyone else find themselves [occasionally] in tears over a homework assignment or is this something I should find a therapist for?


  1. So I don't know how to put a link in these comment boxes... copy this lovely linky for your star ^.^


  2. No more homework! Good for you to get it done. Can you rub some of that off on your cousin??? AA

  3. GOLD STAR! and you do not need therapy, my creaks leek too.

  4. Holy crap that Mr. Finch textile art is awesome! Love that stuff. And congrats on finishing your tear inducing homework! Hate that stuff. :)