Thursday, January 24, 2013

self inflicted frustration

I made this little image for my desktop. To remind me not to be an idiot. 

Anyone who blogs knows that as fun as it is, it takes some serious effort. At least, if you are creating your own content it does. It also takes some serious brain power to generate [interesting] post topics. So why on the days that those topic ideas are flowing do I not write them down?
Or why do I write them on a teensy little scrappet of paper that is indiscernible in my pocket doomed to be balled into a tiny grey blob when it goes through the wash.

Prime example - the other day was all sun-shiny and I distinctly remember thinking "hey, that would be a cool post!" at least twice. Did I write it down? No. Like a fool, I did not. Now, despite lots of pacing around the apartment and squinting at craft supply piles I cannot drum those ideas up again.
People! I have piles of cute notebooks. Why do I let this happen? Maybe I should try on of those voice-to-notes apps. Have you had any luck with one of those?

On a totally different note - I just started watching Call the Midwife. Really, really like that show but it leaves me wondering: how have so many women survived birth? What a grizzly process.
It also makes me want to station a camera in front of Keith so I can share his terrified expressions with you. So, so classic. 


  1. Hahaha. I love your image. I do that all the time; I think it's a common thing. I write down ideas or thoughts on little scraps of paper no matter where I am--out, at work, even at home. Of course, the pieces of paper get shuffled and lost and I never have any idea what I did with them. And, stubbornly, the idea NEVER returns. :) I've actually never heard of "Call the Midwife," but it sounds interesting. I, too, wonder how so many women/babies survived! Things were so very different then. However, I just read an article the other day about how we give birth wrong. We Westerners are all propped up and exposed and, as the article explained, the "proper" way is the biblical way--squatting. Enough of that. I'm starting to feel ew-y, too. :)

    1. I have also heard that squatting is a better way to give birth. I don't know the mechanics of it all but it seems like using gravity would be a plus. Although, I bet women were keeling over from exhaustion so they just lay them down from the beginning lol. In the show a bunch of the women are actually rolled onto their left side to push which was new to me. I wonder why..

  2. I use the voice recorder on my phone when I have something I really want to remember, but the catch is- you have to remember to listen to the recording... that's where I fail. I end up coming across them forever later and then it's like the heavens burst forth into song, lol.

    Notebooks are good. Like a small one you can chuck in your bag that doesn't add too much weight. Or a little planner. And a "blog idea pen" :)

    *PS* The graphic is a really good idea. ::thumbs up::

    *PPS*I'm going to look up Call the Midwife. I youtubed childbirth once and immediately called my mom and praised her for having 3 children... lol

    1. I like your heaven song analogy LOL I know exactly what you mean though! sometimes when I find an idea I wrote down and forgot about it's like "dang! I am a genius!"

      And yes! Praise moms!

  3. I do the exact same thing! I even have a 'blogging notebook' that I have sectioned up for ideas on posts and features etc. But I write ideas down on scrap bits of paper and then they get thrown out by my neat freak husband who thinks they're scribble!

  4. Omg!!! I hate it when that happens!!! I do the same thing :)