Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pondering the past year on the blog

Yesterday, I was going to do the typical, year review of which posts were my favorite but I decided that was too hard and a bit dumb, because frankly, I like them all. Otherwise I wouldn't have posted them (duh.)
I chose, instead, to take the day off and think about WHAT blogging has taught me this year and WHY it has such a draw for me. I'm not sure I came up with a substantial answer to those questions but I did have this thought:
 For reasons I don't fully understand and can't really explain, I have a super hard time promoting my blog or talking about it to anyone outside my family even though I would love to see it grow. I suppose, in a way, it's because my posts are essentially about ME and my interests and not providing the world with some highly valuable information on any particular topic and therefore don't seem like they should be interesting to anyone else or worth the read. However, I'm learning it's ok to blog about my life simply because I find joy in it and want to share that. Also, this year I was lucky enough to team up with some of my favorite people/bloggers and just do fun things "together" and I've appreciated that so much. Doing that helped me realize that my blog became more than just words on my laptop. More than me being ridiculous as I sit on the couch sharing my thoughts with everyone and no one. It can be and IS tangible in a sense. It's "real". It allows me to connect with people who I never would know otherwise.  I love that and want to expand in this. And as crazy as it sounds, I'm learning that it's ok and good if some of the people that I find very dear are people I've never actually met.

Sooooooo, I'm not sure that any of that will even make sense to anyone else but, ya know, that's just what I've been pondering. 

A giant hug and thank you to Loulou, Caleisha, Melanie, Arielle, Dawn, and Nicole for helping to make this year in blogging awesome :)


  1. While I don't blog, much to your anguish I am sure, I do understand what you mean because I've recently started journaling a lot. The things that I am learning about myself through journaling have surprised me. Primarily, that I frequently allow myself to be brought down by the people around me because of their actions or because I'm worried about what they think. In turn, I have begun to think about it in reverse: How are my actions affecting the people around me? So I have begun to try to actively consider my actions and observe the effects they have on the people I am in contact with. Ultimately, I've found that if I can take the time to make someone smile, I walk away with a smile on my face as well. It sounds cheesy, but it can defiantly make the difference between a good day and a crappy day working six hours in the window of a fast food restaurant.

    I'm telling you this because your blog makes me smile and through this blog you have the potential to come in contact with a lot of people. You are a beautiful person with a passion for life that I find unique, refreshing, and is often unmatched. It shines through in your blog. Don't be afraid to share that with other people. The worst that could happen is they visit it once and decide that its not for them. big whoop. at least you tried. On the other hand, maybe you can bring some happiness to their life.

    "Highly valuable information" is subjective. I value the contents of your blog because it keeps me in touch with your life and often inspires me.


  2. And a big hug back to you. It has been a pleasure keeping in touch with you throughout 2012 and I always enjoy reading what you have to say! And also looking at your photos, including that excellent one illustrating this post. You're a very good jumper! :)

  3. I loved working with you too! Nobody in my real life really knows/cares about my blog, but I prefer it that way. I like the support system the blogging world gives and the friendships you can form. A lot of the time it feels more "real" than real life, if that's possible. I want to start blogging about my personal life more, even if that may seem unimportant because isn't that the point of a blog? Kinda like a digital scrapbook to look back on and remember. Happy New Year!

  4. I think Arielle nailed it for me--blogging is a "digital scrapbook." When people ask me what I blog about, I say everything. "So it's a lifestyle blog?" "mmmrrrrm. Not quite. I call it my online journal." And really, it is. I'm not trying to impress anyone--I share my ups and downs, my good photos and bad photos. My writing is a learning process, my editing is as well. I don't do it for the publicity or the likes or the shares or the followers. It's for me, and that's really all that matters. The most important thing you can do when it comes to blogging is be happy with what you share--be it photos, stories, inspiration, whatever. As long as you are comfortable with the part of you you choose to share with us, than that is the most commendable thing you can do. Also, like Arielle, most people I know in real life don't know that my blog exists. When I actually hear of someone I know reading my site, I'm surprised. In the end, though, it doesn't matter from whom you receive feedback--as long as the feedback is thoughtful, considerate, funny, respectful, helpful. And that's what we--your readers--are here for. I have most enjoyed meeting you--first online, then in real life--and I can't wait to meet with you again. You are fun, talkative, real. I've enjoyed everything you've shared here--there is no such thing as "valuable information." Blogging isn't about the data the masses crave--it's about what makes you who you are. The most valuable information you can ever give us are the things that you yourself pay heed to and care about.

    Happy New Year, Shakti.

    1. I'm always surprised too when someone in "real life" references something on my blog. It's like, whoa, you know about that?