Thursday, January 10, 2013

Goodness and Badness

 Don't stare at this too long.
Original pic via PredictaMike 
Goodness! - Erica from Live. Love. Random. was ever so sweet as to nominate me for a little blog award. Literally. Only tiny blogs get this awesomeness. (Praise me!) Perhaps you've heard of the Liebster Award? It's definitely been around a few times but just for fun and since I've been seeing some new people pop up around here (HELLO new friends!) I thought I'd work my way through the list of 11s.
Soooo, here goes... 

11 random bits about me
1, If not for Keith, I would not own a tv. My parentals did/do not have cable so I grew up doing other things for entertainment.
2, On the flip side, I'm pretty sure I have an internet addiction. I blame blogging.
3, The older I get (since I'm sooo old) the more I wonder if I should have gone into orthodontics. I see bad teeth and I want to FIX those gnarlies.  
4, Tomatoes are still disgusting. I try one every few months just to see if my tongue has changed. It hasn't.
5, I've been contemplating getting a pet. Something small and intelligent; like a rat.
6, I do not think that the above semi colon was used correctly but I like the way it looks.
7, I would like the world to know that just because a person is tall does NOT mean they love sports.
8, I did however LOVE cheerleading. I mean, come on, it's organized frolicking. So. Much. Fun.
9, My normal bedtime is 2am.
10,  Lately I've been on the prowl for Pyrex. I will show you why before long.
11, Sometimes it is hard for me to remember that God is not upset when I ask questions and that he is big enough to answer.

11 Questions from Erica:
1. What is your favorite vacation spot & why?
I do not have a favorite spot, but I prefer to be where the majority of people are not.
2. In what era would you love to live in & why?
I would continue to live in this era but I do wish things looked a bit more mid-century.
3. You have three wishes...go! (only unlimited wishing.)
Ack! How does one choose?
4. If you could change your home to be "you" and money wasn't an option, what would you change?
I would buy a house. As much as I love this apartment it's not a lifetime lodging. I can't even paint my walls!
5. What is your favorite home cooked meal & why?
Pulled pork. Because it's delish
6. If you could be a magical creature, what would you be?
An octopus. They contort and change colors so that makes them at least semi-magical, right?
7. Purple monkeys eat rotten coconuts, in rainbow tutus because.....
Wait, the coconut is in the tutu or the monkey?
8. You have 24 hours to live, who are you with and what are your plans?
My hubby and I would probably sit at my parentals.
9. What is your favorite cupcake flavor?
Cake is disgusting in every form but cheese.
10. What is your favorite birthday memory?
When Keith took me on an all-day birthday outing towards the end of which he proposed :D
11. Where would you love to live when your retired & why?
I don't age so this question is not applicable.

Badness! - I am a terrible person and am not going to nominate a gaggle of people and pass the award along because, well, this thing has gone around a million times.
I am also not going to forward the text message that prevents the killer from knocking on my door in the next 23 minutes. I tell you this so that if there is a sudden disappearance from my blog you know who to blame. ;)


  1. ugh i hate when you can't paint the apartment walls! like what is the big deal. and congrats on your award!

    1. I know, right? Most of the time they end up repainting the walls anyways just to cover scuffs