Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY Necklace: Spiffying up hardware with ombre

When people can walk into a hardware store, gather supplies, and transform them into something awesome and *PRETTY* I am in awe. This necklace is my attempt at doing something so magical.

WHAT YOU NEED: Clay (I used Premo), oven, pliers, washers, link rings, long i-pins, jumbo needle, chain, clasp (optional)

STEP 1 - Roll yo beads! I decided to embrace the whole ombre trend and made mine in a gradient from yellow to red. As you can see, I used three colors of clay but really, you could get away with just two.

STEP 2 - Skewer yo beads! To make a hole in the beads I slid them down a jumbo upholstery needle. Remember to push gently. My first attempt left one of my beads a bit like a pancake.
STEP 3 - Bake your clay as directed. Yeah, I couldn't handle saying 'yo' one more time.

STEP 4 - Slide a bead on an i-pin. Snip off any excess with the pliers but be sure to leave enough to make a loop. There needs to be a loop on both ends if you are going to dangle anything off the bottom. 
STEP 5 - Using a link ring, attach a washer to the bottom loop of each bead.
STEP 6 - Using a link ring, attach each bead to the chain.
** I made my necklace quite long so I didn't use a clasp but if yours is shorter, use your pliers and link rings to secure it to the chain.


  1. Wow; I've made some of my own jewelry before too, but it never turns out looking this put together. I always manage to have "loose ends" somewhere along in the chain.

  2. 'Yo' diy is very pretty Shakti ^.^ Yay for Clay!

  3. Oh, wow, we are DIY twins!! ;)

    I love this ombre look with a touch of metal edginess.

    P.S. Thanks for the encouragement on me tackling my sewing machine phobia. It's definitely getting better. Now, I don't panic unless the machine makes a noise it's definitely NOT supposed to make. LOL!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!