Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What I've been watching...

I suppose in a way that this is twisted, but just about every day I am thankful for Netflix. Documentaries are just so awesome! Learning and watching TV? Yes, please! These are a few plucked from the Recently Watched scroll that I think you might enjoy taking a gander at.

American Experience: Into the Deep: America, Whaling & the World

Random fact - sometimes I just flip through the list of options for a moment and watch whatever is landed on. This documentary was selected that way and so I was actually a bit hesitant about Into the Deep. It was so fascinating! If you asked me what I knew about whaling before watching this my answer would have been about 5 words long, two of which would have been Moby Dick. Clearly, I'm not an expert now but there is at least some base knowledge in my head. I also really appreciated that it didn't feel at all like I was in 8th grade history class when I watched this.

No Impact Man

Here is the premise of No Impact Man - a man, his wife, and their little girl decide to do a year long challenge of living in such a way that they produce no environmental impact in....NYC. Honestly, this wasn't filmed in such a way that it was riveting, but it WAS interesting. Watching them do without made me think about what I deem "necessary".

American Experience: Dolley Madison

This was sort of a docu-drama, with actors doing the narrations. I had no idea Dolley Madison (wife of President James Madison) was such a lively and influential woman. It is crazy and sad that she is not highlighted in schools, especially since she was a woman. Maybe it's just me, but studying her life, in the way that the doc presented it, was faaaaar more interesting and informative than cramming in a list of dates.

So there you have a few of my recommendations. Tell me friends, what other lovely documentaries should I watch?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What-I-Wore: 70s ish

Dearest Arielle and I had this brainy idea that it would be fun if we did a 70s inspired, what-I-wore post "together". I haven't seen her garb yet but from what she told me it is awesome.
As for me, well, I kinda failed.  You know that Murphy's Law that says when you want something common it won't be anywhere? Yeah, that about sums it up. That, and the fact that I really didn't do much shopping this month AND what I did find wasn't anywhere near big enough. (There ought to be a magic power that allows you to alter things bigger!)

SO, basically, I just rummaged around my closet and loosely based my outfit on the items I found that didn't fit. AND I staightened and center-parted (ack!) my hair to assist the look....
The purse and bracelet (the one wedge up on my arm, not the charming hair elastic), however, are authentic 70s bits. Do not doubt my accessories.

Everything you can see was: thrifted
except the knickers, they were: gifted
But not as shorts, they came as jeans,
which then I cut and ripped in the seams

Saturday, July 28, 2012

DIY twiggy stick wreath

The other day my momma and I put together several charming wreaths using .... twigs and scrap cardboard! (and I used a spritz or two of paint). The intent of mine was to be part of Christmas in July posts I'm doing with with Arielle but my moms look great un-Christmastized.
They could be styled to many ways.... my mom left hers unpainted and rustic, which looks lovely against her cream walls but imagine how awesome one of these would look with a bit of glitter. Eeep!

WHAT YOU NEED: cardboard, exacto knife, hot glue gun, twigs, embellishments 
1) Cut a cardboard doughnut
2) Arrange the twigs you've gathered so that they radiate out from off the doughnut and glue them in place, filling in all the way around.
3) Embellish! Have fun with paint, glitter, ribbon, or other ornaments :)
4) Depending on how you want to hang the wreath attach a ribbon, hook, or wire to the back.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Dreaming of a white Christmas in July

Just for fun, Arielle and I thought we would enjoy a little bit of Christmas in July. Seriously, what could be better than holiday spirit coupled with yard sale awesomeness? You should check out what she found.

I, on the other hand, haven't had much luck with awesome, retro, Christmas decor at yard sales lately. Sad times. However, since December is always madness, I spent a few moment perusing the internet, gathering ideas and sources of inspiration so that once the holidays hit I don't have to get ideas, only make :)

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5

And finally, because last years Christmas cards were totally last minute and too tiny for any standard envelope (ha!) I got a start on making some.  I really, really like the way these turned out - thank you Cricut machine - but need to figure out a standard, sightly simplified version so another 80 can be churned out in no time. And so that hubs can help without getting frustrated ;)

PS - Tomorrow I will be posting a sort of Christmas-y DIY :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

mysterious markings: wax and watercolors

So I've been on a spree of writing secret messages to myself and then revealing them a few moments later.  I know this sounds crazy but trust me. The act of doodling invisibly with white crayon on white paper, just to pop the message out by spreading runny paint all over it is INCREDIBLY satisfying. And calming.
Remind me of this when I have children. This would be for their enjoyment, of course.

YOU NEED: a white crayon, watercolor paints, paper
WHAT YOU DO: Draw on the paper with the crayon and then brush watercolor paint over it. That's it! It's basically reverse printing and it's oh-so fun.

I haven't tried it yet but it might be cool (or disastrously ugly) to layer the wax and paint layers. Do you get what I'm saying? Do a design in blue, let it dry, layer another crayon design on top of the blue and then paint in purple.... If you try this definitely let me know so I can scope out your work :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Handling creativity

6ish months ago I discovered TED and I have yet to be disappointed with anything I've watched from it. Watch this clip - all of it - because it is awesome and will give you lots to think about :)

**Did you know there is some TED on Netflix? It's true.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pyrex people, put yo hands up

Remember this bowl? This sweet bowl is the one that kicked off my Pyrex collecting. Little did I know that the bright, orange - yellow that makes my heart sing is a bit unusual because it belongs to the Town and Country set variation where a bunch of random colored bowls are tossed together. This makes me sad because if I'm perfectly honest, the brown and pale yellow vomit bowls just don't cause the same heart song.

Basically, because this set is random there isn't the abundance of orangy Pyrex dishes floating around like there are with other sets (spring blossom). So since this color is in short supply, when I saw these two mugs at Goodwill I pounced on them like an alley cat after a chubby mouse.

And here is where I need your help, Pyrex people...
When I flip the dishes over all three have a different brand name on the bottom.
The bowl is Pyrex but the mugs are Corning and Corelle.
Can someone please explain the different brand names on the bottom? I read that Corning now owns Pyrex and will license out the name but from my understanding these pieces were made awhile ago.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

DIY Mirror Image Painting - Ink Blot

 Many moons ago, hubs and I did a large mirror image painting that draws lots of comments and questions whenever people come over. Without fail we are asked how it was made and the exciting bit is that it was super easy!

I wanted to give you an idea of what 'large' means but I didn't really make myself presentable so I just tossed my arm in for scale.  
Yeah, I also used a flash for this picture. Go ahead and poke me in the eye for being a bad blogger.

1) Cut the plastic bag so it's roughly the size of your canvas.
For our large canvas we used a trash bag but if you have a monstrous canvas I bet a plastic shower liner would work wonderfully.
** You definitely want to use plastic - not paper - for the paint transfer. Paper will absorb the paint and transfer very little to the canvas.
2) Once the bag is cut down, fold the piece in half and crease it. This makes it easier to eyeball where the center of the canvas and plastic line up.

 3) Put paint on the plastic. You don't need a ton - roughly pea sized blobs

4) Fold the plastic in half and massage the paint around.
This blends the colors and ensures that both halves are covered.
5) Open the plastic, flip over, and press onto the canvas THEN pull the plastic off, admire, and let it dry.
Easy-peasy and done in 10 minutes :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

5 Fun Things - p.K

~ ~ ~ 1 ~ ~ ~
I am smitten by these colorful pieces by Natalia Milosz-Piekarska

~ ~ ~ 2 ~ ~ ~
Kelsi took the most adorable picture of a sleepy little goat.
Why can't my moms goats be that precious?

~ ~ ~ 3 ~ ~ ~
 Love. This. Mirror.
The Frame and Mirror

~ ~ ~ 4 ~ ~ ~
Over at Secondhand Sundays there is a really great post about wearing vintage clothing.
 I've been wearing thrifted/vintage stuff for ages and still sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed.
Must remember that despite how it feels, it's not a crime to cut and alter all those
 pretty vintage dresses in my closet.

~ ~ ~ 5 ~ ~ ~
Isn't this wood giraffe precious?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

water and sun

Since Saturday Keith and I have been tucked away at a lake house with some friends. Now we are home again catching up on life and I am missing the way stars look when out on dark water.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

pattern and print

 Occasionally, when I'm rummaging through thrift stores a glorious graphic design book will show itself, just waiting to be snatched.
This one came home with me a few years ago but I still love flipping through the pages.
There is so much awesome in this book that even after looking at it dozens of times it still feels fresh. With out fail something new will pop out that leaves me scurrying to my sketchbook to doodle.

This book is awesome because it not only highlights tons of artists and their patterns, but for many will show a picture the 3D object the print went on whether it be a mug, t-shirt, or notebook.
It's almost eye candy overload. almost. But we all know that's not possible.

Tell me, friends - what colorful books are you looking at?