Sunday, December 30, 2012


Because the snow was just so brilliant.
And how awesome is that tree!?


  1. I love these shots! You two look so happy and like you're having a lot of fun. Your red coat is excellent.

  2. What a nice, bright red coat! That's pretty awesome. I love the color red; it's one of my favorites. Did you guys have fun in the snow? I could be wrong, but I can imagine you and your sisters having some sort of a snowball fight with this thick, heavy snow. I think we're supposed to get more tomorrow, too. And, yes, you WILL have to help me with my posts, given that you're so formidable and all. I don't stand a chance without you.

  3. So pretty! I wish we got snow like this, but then I can't imagine how cold that would be. This is such a romantic photo shoot. Dawn is right, your coat looks so bold and pretty against all the white.