Saturday, December 15, 2012

tired meet atomic

Not last night, but Thursday night, Keith went on an out of town gaming adventure and left me all by my lonesome. This, obviously, translated to full control of Netflix and vegging on the couch while watching whatever my heart fancied (hours of indie rom com).
And I quite enjoyed myself except for one thing... I sat down in front of a movie with a little something for my hands to do - something I needed to accomplish but that could be done while my eyes were fixated elsewhere. Which, don't get me wrong, was great because I was feeling productive while relaxing and I love that feeling. BUT, that never happened. Because that only works when I watch a documentary. So Thursday night, I watched movies til 3:30 then spent the next 90 minutes accomplishing what I couldn't seem to get done in the previous 5 hours.  Does this happen to anyone else? Is this normal?

So, back to the present... I am tired today. Maybe it's just me, but the day after a late night isn't so bad - it's two days after that leaves me feeling really nailed. Is this normal?

Hello, Mr. Coffee.
PS- That clock sold for $189.12
Is this normal?
I need to figure out how to make one


  1. that clock is gorgeous!

    midcentury starburst clocks go for really high sometimes... i have 2 in my stock that i haven't done anything with but GOSH i want to paint one now! that's so beautiful!

  2. You can do it! You know how to work with metal and you can get clock works at some hobby stores or on line.....go girl, I want to see it when it is finished.

    1. My dad in law likes working with metal so I was thinking that maybe I'd convince him to make one for me ;)