Sunday, December 16, 2012

The UNglamorous side of life P3: laundry facilites

Apartment laundry facilities.

99% of the time we head to the parentals to do our clothing cleaning but sometimes necessity dictates that a journey be made to the basement.  At which point I'm doing well if I can find the washer and dryer because it's a bit of a jungle with all the out of commission appliances and exercise equipment. (Decades worth, I kid you not. I'm surprised some of the ally can collectors haven't seen this and looted the place for the scrap metal.)

But just in case I find this atmosphere cozy, management has placed a tiny to-small-for-folding table and chair directly in front of the machines. Because of its size I have come to think that this set up is actually there for people to sit at. You know, so I can watch the washer shimmy.

And another thing that gets me is that even though they appear to be roughly the same size they definitely aren't. The washer is teensy and barely holds more than a couple pairs of jeans while the drier is so huge I could probably fit in it. (If it wasn't full of other peoples linty bits I probably would have done it just to prove my point.)
Now that I think about it, I suppose the table is big enough to hold the 5 items the washer can handle. That still doesn't explain the chair though...

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