Sunday, December 2, 2012

Let's take a gander

December is fully upon us! But before we get too in the midst of it, let's look back upon November (and October because I didn't do a look back last month) and I will show you which posts were my favorites.

The last mantis of the season! (S)he was rather large and impressive


So many favorites! My most favorite sweater, a new favorite winter scarf, my favorite teal monkey, and a favorite outfit.
And, since we are on the topic of favorites, if you still have a pumpkin on your porch, you really should make this pumpkin butter. YUM!

 Sister pics! beautiful feather detail,

 Ok, so I know this is a bit gruesome but, come on, this feasting corn spider is awesome!
I also like this little bug. So cute!

This picture is also cute. And awesome! I am so glad that I got to meet Dawn :)
And finally, I shared a wedding pic


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