Friday, December 21, 2012

Elephant and Flamingo

 The power has been flickering on and off because of the snow storm so I am going to try to get this posted before it crashes the router. Again. Curse you, pretty snow!

Anyways, behold some vintage goodness!
Right after I did the last Pyrex post I found this flamingo 024 bowl. FINALLY a pink piece! Soo excited to have this in my collection - especially since it's a solid. Because I'm not sticking to just one line of Pyrex pattern and am amassing the whole rainbow I think it helps things look a tad less cluttered in the kitchen not to have 20 different prints AND 7 colors. Of course, I say that now but an awesome pile of patterns put themselves in my path (how many Ps did I just use there!?) and I'll be questioning my calm v. clutter-in-the-kitchen logic all the way to the cash register.

Moving on, I also found this adorable, little rolling elephant pencil holder. When I found him, his ears where missing which is a sad, sad, sad but I made him some new ones using a leather remnant a certain awesome Aunt gave me. Before I made his ears I did some mad Googling because I wanted to restore him to original condition as much a possible but I literally turned up nothing. Anyone know anything about this guy? Maker, year, etc. I know nothing. Maybe my Google skills need some fine tuning... How awesome would it be if there is a whole line of mod office supply animals!

In other news, what time is the world supposed to end? Did I miss that?