Thursday, November 1, 2012

The season's last

Rarely, rarely, do I leave the house without my camera. Like most of you bloggers, I can count on one hand the times I have left without it in the past year. Also, on those same fingers can I count the times that having my camera would have been superb.
This was one such time. Keith and I went out for a quick walk just to soak in a few minutes of fresh air before diving back into homework and, of course, during this quick walk, we came across a big beautiful mantis. This one was in a hurry so I only snapped a couple picks with my phone, but it made me happy to see on last big bug skittering around before the frosts creep in.


  1. I didn't even see it in the first picture. I thought it was a leaf!

  2. Wow! That thing is even bigger than the leaf! I'm glad you didn't step on him.

  3. i didn't notice it in the first picture either! i don't know much about mantis, but they don't change colors, do they?? i usually see them green. great second picture!!