Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Take Tuesday: Utensils

Ahhh... apartment living.
Even if the rest is absolutely wonderful the kitchen is practically guaranteed to be less than ideal. If it's not cramped, it's usually ugly and outdated with purely economical appliances and only the teensiest, minimum amount of counter top. Not to mention if the outlets have been inconveniently placed...
I'll stop whining. I'm really not much of a cook anyways so there is no need for a fancy kitchen. If only it weren't so ugly though! And that's why you shall only see this little bit of my current kitchen - the utensil "caddy".
It is actually the cap collector off an old coke machine. I bought it years ago, when I first moved out to add a bit of color to my kitchen. My mom later told me what it was but at the time I just bought it because it was cheery red and chippy :) Now that I think about it, that little caddy is one of my first vintage-for-home purchases. Crazy!

That plug is so meh it's not even worth the effort to take a good picture.

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