Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Take Tuesday: Open Land

When I was first pondering what pictures to take for the theme, Open Land, this was not what came to my mind. I had pictured a vast, freshly harvested field whose emptiness allowed me to capture the sky. But these pictures, even though they are from a spring camping trip, are just too perfect. The land is literally open. So dry, it's cracked and split apart. Like it's wounded and heartbroken that the water was drained away.

Because mud does indeed get brokenhearted.

Have lovely pictures of open land? Link up with us!

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Next weeks theme is UTENSIL
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    Happy snapping :)


  1. The drought is a little heartbreaking to see, but the land and the ground is an amazing to see. It must have been pretty awesome to walk upon. <3

  2. I love these shots. That must have been a strange/interesting place to walk.

    1. It was a little weird. I was surprised at how little debris there was. It's sad, but I expected more pollution.

  3. I love when the ground is like this. Like when a lake dries up. What a fun challenge getting people to link up. You and your awesome ideas Shakti.