Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Take Tuesday: Blue

I pondered and pondered what to shoot for this weeks TT and then I looked right in front of me. Literally. Less than a foot from my body was the most boring, utilitarian BLUE notebook there ever was. It even has the dividers that serve as folders. How fantastically practical.

Can you tell I'm a little over this semester and all that papers/projects/presentations that have been hogging my time as of late?
Below is how I wish said blue notebook was. Colorful with a swirl of dreamy...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Next weeks theme is a FAVORITE DISH
If you feel so inclined to work ahead, you can view the entire list of dates and themes here.
    Happy snapping :)


  1. I didn't think I would make it through this week. I love the end of semesters but to only start up again in another 2-3 weeks (sometimes less on my end) is always a bummer. <3

    1. You're right! I really shouldn't complain, it's just that I want to be all festive and enjoy the season fully. Homework is such a damper

    2. HW is annoying. Session's during summer really bother me.... All the kid's are out doing cool things and enjoying summer while I'M too busy studying and stressing over classes. <3

  2. I love spiral notebooks. I used to use them as journals when I was in high school and community college. Now, they still seem to be a vast space of potential. Writing. Notes. Something to fill all those pages.

  3. This is a really great series!