Sunday, November 18, 2012


If only I had known how much use this sweater would get when I bought it - I would have purchased two. Funny how impulse buys can either leave you drowning in buyer's remorse or wondering what you wore before it joined your wardrobe. This sweater was snagged last year, off the end-of-season clearance rack at Old Navy. It's thick but not too warm. Neutral. Cozy but not suffocating. The sleeves are cropped just far enough up the arm to stay out of the way, but are still long enough to keep them warm. And the neckline allows for the wearing of scarves. PLUS it is long! With a body as tall as mine it is challenging to find sweaters that hit where I want them to. Did I mention it has great pockets? Because it does.

Seriously, this sweater is the greatest. It still has a ton of use in it but I'm already stressing over the day it wears out. If only I had bought two.
And one in navy.
I wear a size XS in this. Just thought you should know.
Ya know, in case you have one in the back of your closet you're not wearing ;)


  1. Is that the sweater you were wearing when we met? :) It does look cozy. Old Navy has some really awesome sales at various times of the year. I snagged a few things last winter too, for only a few dollars each. And, yeah, I've noticed that some of their sizes are HUGE! I always end up getting smaller sizes than what I typically do.

    Also, that alphabet thing made from logos is fantastic! That's so cool.