Thursday, November 29, 2012

5 Fun Things - p.O

Chick-a-dees, I know it's not December yet but the fact of the matter is that I have been flitting around my living room, doing little twirls and leaps as Pandora fills the airs with tinkling Christmas carols. I simply cannot NOT do a christmas-y post. (Although know that I've tried my hardest to keep it toned down because I know, inevitably, many more will be filling this space in the near future :D )

~ ~ ~ 1 ~ ~ ~
Not really sure what to say other than this might be the only deer head I have ever wanted.

~ ~ ~ 2 ~ ~ ~
A tad icy but oh-so pretty!
They are using all these hoops as a curtain substitute but it would look lovely
against a wall, yeah?
~ ~ ~ 3 ~ ~ ~
Pretty, pretty, pretty!

~ ~ ~ 4 ~ ~ ~
I may or may not be pouting that these ornaments from Project Sarafan already sold.
The hanger display is a genius idea. Loving how quirky it is.

~ ~ ~ 5 ~ ~ ~
Oh Martha, you're so full of good ideas.
Keith cannot stand doilies so I could never get away
with this, but I think it would make a lovely holiday wreath that
would also transition into the rest of winter without looking like you forgot to 
put the Christmas decor away.
    mmmm. such pretty things.

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  1. The wreath? Lovely--and you nailed it; it would definitely transition from one holiday and into the rest of winter. It's so pretty! I actually have white lights, too. (And a lot of leftover wedding decorations.) The ornaments are cool! I actually have a hanger just like that as well. :) And the trees in the jars? I actually did a project like that last year for Christmas. I gave them out as gifts.