Saturday, November 3, 2012

4 fun fixtures of light

Most of these fixtures are of the candle persuasion, but that's still light.

-|| 1 ||-
Stack able! How fun are these!

-|| 2 ||-
I love the rustic but flash look of these hanging lights
Paper and string with a giant pop of color. Totally my thing.

-|| 3 ||-
 laboratory beakers!
These candlesticks made me think of my smart chemist sister :)

-|| 4 ||-
 This is a whole line of objects intended to look like sketches. 
see what I did there? ;)

-|| 2 ||-


  1. Wow. Those sketch ones are my favorite. They're...simple, in a way. But elegant. I like those. And the beakers are cool, too ... thought I think I would do my best to use real glass ones. :)

  2. Neat! I love those scetch things.

  3. Those last ones do look like sketches! Crazy.
    The first ones totally reminded me of you and your style! :)

  4. So simple, yet sophisticated! I love them! So YOU!