Friday, October 19, 2012

The Corn Spider Feasts

Below are some pictures that I am fairly pleased with, if you don't mind me saying.
I mean, yo. I got these with a point and shoot Nikon CoolPix.
Impressed much? Because you should be. Although, not necessarily because of my camera skills, but because it tells you how close my hand was to a very large spider.

Now, I wish it could be said that while I sat enthralled in the freezing (I kid not, I had my mom's winter coat on. What was the spider doing out? Shouldn't it be tucked away in a web of hibernation? Or, let's be real here, preparing to die.), wind-swept yard at my parental an unsuspecting grasshopper snared itself in the web, but that is simply not true. In all actuality, I sent my dad on a mission to find a juicy feast for the spider so that I could have a more interesting photo-shoot. (Cheat much?) I definitely got what I hoped for.


Do you see how she used her legs to spread the web....
Did you swat at that random tickle on you felt?


  1. Wow, did you take these? These are awesome. Great shot, really!

  2. ............. 0.0 ...............

    That... is the most... awesome & creepy weird thing I've seen... in... EVER!

    (And yes, that's exactly how I thought this statement. with all those ellipses.)

    1. I know! My eyes were pretty much bulging out of my head as I was watching this.

  3. Ackkkk! Fantastic shots (but I hate them, lol)

  4. Awesome shots. I love capturing these creatures although they give me chills..