Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Take Tuesday: Water

As Nicole put it so well last week, we have decided to create a little photo link up for you ladies (and gents.. if your out there..) to show off some of your greatest shot's. It's a great way to test your photo skills and see other great photo's as well as connect to other bloggers!

This week's theme is water. (Interpret it as you will!)

For me, it meant stealing away to the woods and listening to the gurgling creek as I leapt about from one dry spot to the other, trying not to get my dainty flats wet. (We all know how bad they reek once they get wet). It was a tad grey and chilly, but it was perfect because it meant that other people weren't around. It also meant that it not only felt like fall, but it also looked and smelled like fall.

 So, there is my water. Both Nicole and I would love to see yours so be sure to link up below and grab the button!

Next week's - October 9 - theme is flowers!
They aren't as plentiful now that autumn is in full swing, but with just a bit 
of poking around you can find them!


  1. I love your beautiful shots! The one of the leaf with the water on it is gorgeous. Looks like a nice spot to frolic about! (ok, I guess I don't write the word frolic often enough because I had to check the spelling on it!)

    Thanks for the link-up!

  2. Love love love. I love how still the water looks as you captured the reflection of the branches above. Looks like a beautiful place!

  3. oooooh, I am SO into participating in one of these soon. I'll gather some flower pics. :)