Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Take Tuesday: Sunrise

As I've mentioned I'm not one to rise before the sun unless it is absolutely necessary. And since the theme for this week's Take Tuesday would require that, I found sunrise colors elsewhere in nature. I tried to arrange them so that the colors went from muted and subdued to fiery and bright like a sunrise...

Next week's - October 30 - theme is Halloween!
This should be easy-peasy!


  1. WOW that last flower is UH-STINKIN-MAZING! Great color capture Darlin! :)

  2. Very pretty! I'm with you in that sunrises are not something I see often, so I was glad you gave us the prompts ahead of time so I could snap some shots when I was out all night last month for the annual Nuit Blanche art show.

  3. Lovey shots. The last one represents sun rises perfectly! I too am not a early riser or rather a morning person at all. I look forward to next week's post. It's defiantly going to fun. I have a few decorations outside I look forward to capturing. Too bad next Tuesday isn't the 31..

  4. Wow. That last flower is quite a bright one. My goodness. I think you had a good interpretation, thinking of the colors! Strangely enough, I actually posted sunrise pictures today... because the sun has been coming up later in the day, I've actually been awake for it (mostly because I've forced myself to get up...UG). Anyway, it was REALLY foggy the other day, so I got to watch the sun rise through the fog. It was so quiet and so pretty!