Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Take Tuesday: Numbers

Anyone else see these numbers daily? Well, maybe not these exactly, since this is a man multivitamin, but, ya know...
Why do they put more than the daily recommended amount in these?

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Next weeks theme is SUNRISE
Which, I know, sounds like a wicked scheme to get you out of bed super early, but it is staying dark so much longer that it wouldn't be that much of a sacrifice ;)
If you feel so inclined to work ahead, you can view the entire list of dates and themes here.


  1. haha, good one. That is a very good question regarding why they would put more than the daily required amounts. Weird.

    Hope you're enjoying your fall break!

  2. I think they put extra in because different people have different needs depending on their body type and diet. The percent daily value is just an estimate. so by putting extra in, they can assure that everyone gets what they need and then the body will just flush out the excess. You can't put extra of everything in though because too much of certian vitamins and minerals can have toxic effects, so those are the ones they keep low. :)

  3. Our bodies only typically take in about 10 percent of the actual vitamin, so that's why the percentages can be so huge. And, really, it is kind of hard to overdose on them (though it is entirely possible). I actually have a bottle of multivitamins in my bag. I really should take one a day. I don't know why I don't. :/ Good luck with the sunrise picture!