Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stink bug

It was told to me that this bug is of the stink persuasion, but it did not stench on me. Instead, this stink bug happily crept around on my lap and let me take photographs before I deposited him in the sunshine.
We had a brief but pleasant exchange.


  1. WHOA! You can for sure see the detail in the little stinker! :P

    love, daisy.

  2. You got great pictures of it! Not saying that i like them though, lol. Reminds me of a time we were camping when I was a kid, and my mom got a stink bug in her hair and had to wash it in the middle if the night in the tiny sink in our tent trailer. It was quite the ordeal, as I take after my mother for my insect phobia, and that bug really did stink!

  3. that bug is both disgusting and beautiful at the same time... oh and i'll just leave the earlier one on here too... the flower is only beautiful, luckily.