Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Scary Ridiculous

I just stumbled across an article that talks about an art piece that confronts the ridiculous and unrealistic beauty ideals that surround us. It was fairly interesting. More interesting, however, is the art piece - shoes to be exact.

How many times do you think she tipped over?


  1. Wow. I think the whole idea, the entire concept, is a good commentary on the unrealistic views we have of beauty. I assume you've seen that commercial that Dove made? (The one where they show the model being photographed and then being digitally manipulated for a magazine?) This reminds me of that. That designers often go for the unrealistic--the mesh fabrics that display models' breasts. The teetering heels that are anything but practical. Fashion is more about display and outrageous-ness than function, form and natural beauty. And, consequently, it's changing women's (and especially teenagers') views of themselves. Do you think you could use this all at your youth counseling?

    1. I have indeed seen that Dove commercial, and actually, the girls and I were talking about it not long ago. This would be great to show - I hadn't even thought about it.
      It's crazy how even though we know the perfection we see in an ad was created by a team of people it still alters us.

  2. That is a little scary, eh? Whenever I go to Aldo I think those shoes are scary in themselves...I hope this is not where the evolution of fashion is going.

  3. is that supposed to be about women wearing heels... bcuz that's how many walk and how I often feel and why i never wear them anymore. & thanks for returning such a sweet comment back, i always try to mix up my same old weardrobe so it really makes me smile to hear nice things about it. I certainly know that feeling of a full closet but nothing to wear. look forward to seeing this scarf collection, I keep meaning to get a few more myself : )