Monday, October 1, 2012

occasionally, bad is best

...usually, it isn't but, ya know, sometimes. Although, do not mistake! I like pretty, well composed pictures as much as the next person, and normally I strive for a wholesome image composition but these pictures, in all their crummy crappiness, show who we are. They make me smile. And I wanted to share them.

 Side note: Do you see those long hairs? No need for a shirt ;)


  1. HAHA! These pictures are so fun! I hate when I don't do a blog post because the pictures aren't perfect, I'm glad you used them!


  2. ha! I LOVE love love horrible (in a good way) funny pics of myself. I don't normally post them, but sometimes you gotta have a sense of humor with these things.

  3. Trish and Eeka, you two are the sweetest. Thanks for making me feel better about posting these pics. Right after I published them I had a moment of fretting because who in their right mind posts bad pictures on their blog? Isn't that a giant No-no?
    Anyways, you two are great :)

  4. haha I LOVE goofy blooper like photos. Most of mine are usually that way.
    My hair is that long too! I always joke about being a mermaid because my hair covers my boobs. Pretty much my dream. haha

  5. Funny pics are the best! I like your specs!

  6. If you keep growing your hair out, maybe you won't have to wear pants, either. ;) My sister-in-law's hair is INCREDIBLY long. She has the longest hair of anyone I know. And goofy pictures are always good. It shows the human side of us, the personal side. Not everyone is composed all. the. time.

    Anyway...thought I would tell you that, for about the next week or so, I'm in Kokomo! If you want to meet up or anything, that would be cool. We certainly don't have to, but it is an idea.