Thursday, October 4, 2012

Main Squeeze Interview: Caleisha

Sweet Chick-a-dees! This month my Main Squeeze blogger is Caleisha from Apartment 203
Caleisha was one of my first readers and ever since then I have been reading her blog as well and a friendship has been a forming. She is such a sweet person and I just enjoy her so much! Read on below to get to know her and be sure to pop over to her blog and say 'hey!'
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1) Share three random facts about yourself :D
1. I not so secretly want to run away with Cirque du Soleil... even though I could probably only be their water girl.
2. I get really shy when talking to new people, but have no problem performing poems on stage.
3. My second dog was abandoned at my house after I was supposed to be dog-sitting and I was too much of a softy to give her away.

2) What is the most played song on your ipod?
Virtue by Ani DiFranco

3) Do you have a life verse, mantra, or mission statement that you go by?
...Shut up, Chill out, and Trust God... He’s really got this... Srsly.  ;-)

4) You obviously love blogging. What have you learned about yourself through your blog?
I really enjoy learning new things and sharing them. Blogging has pushed me to delve deeper into the activities that interest me & go out looking for new experiences to write about.  I feel myself growing creatively as my bloggy life continues ^.^

5) What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Um... I’m very proud of the blanket I made for my best friend’s wedding.  It’s the largest piece I’ve ever done and I worked on it for months.  It’s really rewarding to see your handiwork received so warmly.

6) How about a failure? Care to share any wisdom you learned from the experience?
Recently I went through a job hunting stint and every position that I thought I interviewed well for was given to someone else.  I’ve learned that I can be really hard on myself when it comes to failure.  I have these super high expectations of myself and sometimes I don’t live up to them. (Which really sounds a bit crazy here, oh well.)  I need to constantly remind myself that it’s not the end of everything just because one thing doesn’t come through.  God always has an open door somewhere.

7) What age were you when you felt like you'd become an adult?
I’m 26 and I don’t think I’m quite there yet. I think of myself as being in the grey area surrounding adulthood.  When does a person become an adult... when they have rent, utilities, a place of their own? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll feel like an adult when I find a career that fits me, get married, and have a family. Or maybe not, who really knows? :)

8) When you have 30 minutes of free time what do you do?
Read or crochet

9)  How now brown cow?
What’s new black ewe? :D

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