Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let's be friends and swap

It's that time of month where everyone and their mother is making a sponsor call and while I'm not going to ask for your sweet cash, I DO want to throw it out there that I love doing FREE button swaps!

While Dawn and I were having lunch one of the things we talked about was the relational aspect of blogging and how a weird type of friendship is formed. And by "weird" I mean that they are formed virtually, not that they are any less valid (hopefully that made sense). For example, I will often find myself sharing a story one of you posts and I will refer to you as "my friend". And I feel sort of awkward about this reference because, aside from Dawn, I've never met any of you so I wonder if it is ok for me to be calling you "friend"? But "friend" is much easier than "this blogger chick who I stalk on a daily basis and who comments on my posts and I comment on hers". You get my point.
I'm going to end that ramble now.
But seriously, do you do this or is it just me?
that whole spiel was basically to say that I greatly appreciate all my friends (and all you readers who are a bit quieter in the comment box!) in the blog world and that I love sharing and promoting you. You make my days.
soooo, if you would like to SWAP BUTTONS send a nice little note to and we will get a swap a going  :D

(FYI - Eeka, I have no qualms calling you friend since you stalked me down on facebook!)


  1. "friend" is much easier than "this blogger chick who I stalk on a daily basis and who comments on my posts and I comment on hers"

    HAHAHAHAHA My thoughts exactly! I'm always doing that whenever I talk about you or Erica from Caught on a Whim, lol. I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this :)

    I want to display buttons from my favorite blogs, but I don't know if I want them on the side bar like you have, or on a sep page... Any suggestions?

    1. Glad you do it too! lol
      You could definitely put links on another page. I've seen several blogs that do that. I think they usually use the header "Good Reads" or "friends" or something but you could totally do whatever.
      I love that blogs are so customizable

  2. I'll swap you forever love if possible.

  3. hahahaha. "My blogger friend." :) I remember you asking if Aaron ever got tired of hearing me mention that? Oh, probably. Most of the time he probably just pretends not to hear me. :)