Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Excitement! I met a blog friend!

Guess what!? On Monday, I met Dawn of Candidly Clyde! Honestly, I was a titch nervous since she's the first bloggy friend I've been able to meet-up with in "real life" but, fortunately, my nerves were completely unnecessary. Dawn is as awesome in person as she is on her blog and she's completely easy to talk too. (Not to mention she has an awesome hat, which scores her more points.)
We met up at Steak 'N Shake and I'm pretty sure we outlasted our waitress since we sat there and gabbed for nearly 2 hours. Do you have any idea how nice it is to discuss bloggy things with someone who blogs and reads the same blogs you do? It is very nice, indeed. So much so I'm totally ready to do it again. :)

Have you been able to meet a blog friend? Isn't it the best?
If you haven't and want to, ummm hello! Set a date with this girl!
Aren't we charming?


  1. Ahhhh! THAT'S ME. :) I still say my cheek looks malformed in that last photo. Alas. Thanks for meeting me for lunch! (I think the fries are actually my favorite part of S&S, just because the shakes are so. gosh. darn. big.)

  2. I'm so envious of you two! How fun! She told me she got to meet up with you. I wish I lived closer to everybody. I'm always jealous when bloggers get to do meet-ups :)

  3. Lovely blog - thanks for the introduction! I'm lucky enough to live near a blogger friend with a fabulous design blog and have the pleasure to indulge in a few too many coffees in a local coffee shop. It's definitely a good thing!