Saturday, October 13, 2012

5 Fun Things - p.N

This little collection is kinda rough and rugged, but in the best way possible of course :)

~ ~ ~ 1 ~ ~ ~
Daydreaming about how this will look on your finger? Yeah, me too.
Who new raw quartz could be so lovely.

 ~ ~ ~ 2 ~ ~ ~
Perfect bag for a weekend away. 
Wouldn't it look perfect with a few sparkly pins added to it? 

~ ~ ~ 3 ~ ~ ~
With all the stunning pops of color the leaves add 
everywhere, I've been a bit enamored with trees lately, both real and in art.
Isn't this tree print by Kate Sutton adorable?

~ ~ ~ 4 ~ ~ ~
 Apparently, I'm also on a bit of a quartz kick as well.
Love this bullet casing and crystal necklace.

~ ~ ~ 5 ~ ~ ~ 
 Ok, so this last fun thing doesn't really fit with the theme but I think it's hilarious.



  1. I love that ring and that army green bag would look cute with pins on it!

  2. Midwest Alchemy!!! That is one of my FAVORITE Etsy stores. I love everything there, mostly because it is all so raw. I love how "unfinished" everything looks. It's not what is common these days. However, I think things that are "raw" are, in a way, more beautiful. (Mostly because the natural beauty doesn't have to be manipulated.) The tree print is pretty rockin'. I've been getting more and more into textiles lately. And the rooster? I've never seen anything like that!