Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Take Tuesday: Seeing Spots

 When Nicole and I decided on this week's theme, Seeing Spots, I immediately started to ponder what polka dotted cuteness to photograph. But my spots didn't come in quite the form I expected them to. While out on a walk I couldn't help but notice a group of bushes that were dotted with bright blips of color. I plucked a small branch then continued on. Then I came across another plant with pretty colored berries, which I plucked as well. After I picked my third stem it kinda dawned on me that all along the way I had been seeing spots, they were just more organic than I anticipated. I wish that realization had come sooner because I would have taken a pic of the berries on the bush and in the grass, but it just didn't happen.

This lovely little caterpillar also made himself known to me and when really looking at him I saw lots of little spots and dots! How perfect!

Have you been seeing spots lately? Because if so we would love to see them! Just submit your link below :)

1 comment:

  1. I love the caterpillar! I hate it when planned photos in our mind don't come out as expected.