Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Take Tuesday Linkup: Sunset

I'm really, really excited about today's post because..... it is the first of many Take Tuesdays!
You can read more about the Take Tuesday series below but for now I shall chat about the pics.

Normally titling the pictures isn't really part of my process since it makes me feel like a wanna be photographer, but these pictures, maybe they sorta deserve a title. The colors, the corn... Wouldn't it be a perfect start to a mini series called American Skies?
It's something to ponder..

I was wondering... Have you very recently taken (or are about to take a picture because this series looks like so much fun) a picture of your sunset? I would looooove to see it! Meaning, you should link up with us!
Be sure to grab the button and put it in your post if you link up!
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  1. Love the pictures girl!! They both are really really great!!!!!!

  2. I really like this idea :) What is the theme for this coming tuesday? I would like to participate. This is the perfect push to get me and my camera back out together.