Thursday, September 13, 2012

Design work: Retro Movie Night Ticket Invitations

Has it ever been mentioned that I'm in school for graphic design? It's true! Right now, most of my projects are school related, but here is an invitation mailer I did for my church. I'm quite pleased with it if I do say so myself. The ticket is adorable, is it not?
In fact, if you like it so much you'd like to use it for your own event you totally can! Check it out in my Etsy shop.

I made a whole retro Movie Night package including labels, thank yous, etc. The whole process is just so. much. fun and it's so rewarding when it's all together.

PS - My name was not printed on the invite, but this is the internet and a girl's got to protect her goods, yeah?
PSS - If you are so curious, and would like to take a peak at some of my older, older work, go here.


  1. Ohh, I love this! You did a super super awesome job! Graphic Design can be really satisfying, I remember how excited I felt when I was studying it and how fantastic I would feel after completing a big assignment!


  2. I am so impressed, both with the ticket flyer and the fact you're studying graphic design! No wonder your graphics on your blog are always so good! Add envious of your talent to how I feel too.


  3. I didn't know you're studying graphic design! I love the ticket. It's really eye catching. I like your other work too. The layout for Missions Adventure Manual is really great. Keep it up girl!!

  4. Very cool! I'm going to school for multi-media communications and we have to do a lot of graphic design too. Your ticket design is so cute!