Monday, September 24, 2012


 This little fellow wasn't really buzzing. More like perching. And antennae wiggling.
Either way, still charming.


  1. I enjoy your photos of regular things you see. Like the one a while back of the soap bottle. They make me smile :)

  2. Even just looking at pictures of them freaks me out...I've never been stung before and it probably adds to the anxiety! You brave lady, taking pictures and everything!

  3. So soo pretty. I don't mind bugs. If you don't mess with them, they won't mess with you. I do mind them if they are attacking me for no darn reason, in my home or after riding my bike through their mini orbit - ha! I have never been stung by a bee (knock on wood) however I am highly allergic to those red hot fire ants. I am also allergic to their cousins (those black ones that can get you too but not as bad). I literally scream and will cry while running away in panic if a red ant comes too close to me. Swelling up and hospitalization isn't worth it at all.

    I wish I could capture better pictures of bugs, especially butterflies. They are always moving.. I need a quicker shutter I guess.